Meet Our Team



Nancy Koerber, CPM, CPC- Executive Director- Nancy has a unique background that includes experience in both the clinical and administrative foundations of midwifery and healthcare management. She became a Certified Professional Midwife credentialed through the North American Registry of Midwives in 1995. Nancy co-founded and co-owned New Dawn Midwifery from its inception...

Angela Logan, RN, MSN, CNM- Midwife- Angie has known since she was young that she had an overwhelming need to take care of women and their families. Everything crystallized on a trip west as she overlooked the canyons of Yellowstone Park that she needed to become a nurse-midwife. Her path being clear, Angie went to Georgia Southern University to obtain her undergraduate degree in nursing...


Melissa Poole, RN, MSN, CNM- Midwife-  Melissa has been drawn to the care of mothers and babies since childhood, but from the moment she was thrown into supporting a woman through labor for the first time during nursing school, she was hooked and knew where she belonged! 


Rani Khan, RN, MSN, CNM- Director of Midwifery- Born at home, Rani has a long history with midwifery and women’s healthcare. She apprenticed as a home birth midwife in Ann Arbor, while obtaining her nursing degree at University of Michigan. She completed her Master’s in Midwifery at Emory University, as well as a post-master’s Certificate in Nursing Management and Leadership in 2013. She has...

Melissa Hicks, MD- Medical Director- Dr. Hicks is a faculty member at the Department of Family Medicine at MAHEC. Her areas of special interest include the full scope of family medical care, including caring for women during pregnancy and childbirth, along with the family.

Amanda Rizner, BSN, RN - Amanda has had a passion for women’s health and childbearing families since 2010 when she became a birth doula.  In 2012, Amanda studied with Ina May Gaskin 

Meredith Fowler, RN-  Meredith’s passion for women’s health led to her becoming an RN, and began with a home birth midwifery apprenticeship. She has over a decade of experience as a home birth assistant and doula, and aspires to become a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM).

Asha Oakes, RN, IBCLC - Asha was raised in West Virginia where she fell in love with the birth process as a young girl attending her siblings' births. She is the mother of two lovely children who were fortunate enough to have had a midwife in attendance when they entered this world.

Kelly Heinerth- Office Manager- Kelly has been passionate about midwifery care since the birth of her son in 2006.  She spent several years employed as the receptionist at a local midwifery practice where she

Emily Accrocco - Client Care Coordinator - Emily has always been fascinated by pregnancy and childbirth. After the doula-assisted birth of her daughter in 2010, Emily was introduced to the amazing world of birth work.

Board of Directors

Debbie Aiton, BSN, MPH- President  

Tara Theodossis, CPA- Treasurer  

Jan Brunk, BA, OB/GYN-NP- Secretary 

Barbara Levin, MPH, MD

Judy Major

Judy Major, MPH  


Steering Committee

Pat Durham, BS , LCCE, DONA(CD) ret.
Martha Dysart, CNM
Jennifer Furigay, RN, BSN
Suzie Engel, MS Midwifery, RNC, HTP