About Us


Like any large initiative, the WNC Birth Center began as a dream, a desire to meet the need of a rapidly growing group of women seeking more autonomy in their birth experience. In the spring of 2010 a group of birth professionals formed to create the region's first free-standing, nationally accredited birth center. We became incorporated as a non-profit, secured our IRS status as a tax-exempt organization and leased a building in Asheville within minutes of Mission Hospital.  In July 2016, we opened our doors and we welcomed our first baby barely 6 weeks later. Our midwives have medical privileges at Mission allowing them to continue care for our patients in the event transfer becomes necessary.

Why a birth center for our region?

  • Previously WNC women had just two choices for birth: hospital or home
  • For many years, the home birth rate in WNC and in Buncombe County in particular was significantly higher than the state average.
  • Home birth outcomes can be compromised by lack of easy access to a hospital and qualified birth attendants.
  • Our centrally-located, midwife-staffed, nationally accredited birth center offers a “bridge” between hospital and home

Benefits of Birth Center Care

  • Safe, high-touch, low-tech alternative for healthy pregnant women
  • State of the art, evidence-based maternity care
  • Integration with the existing health system
  • Reduced risk of cesarean birth
  • Family-friendly, nurturing care in a relaxing, home-like environment
  • Up to 50% lower charges than a physician-managed maternity package with normal hospital birth



The first in our region, WNC Birth Center provides a state-of-the-art maternity and well-woman health service following evidence-based practices and the midwifery model of care. We offer pregnant women and their families a compassionate, cost-effective, safe alternative to hospital birth in a relaxing, home-like setting.


Creating a safe, comfortable environment where birth is normal and women's health can thrive.


WNC Birth Center believes:

Compassionate care for women of all ages is beneficial to the family and society

Birth is a normal process that is enhanced by a safe, familiar and relaxing environment

Education, knowledge and evidence-based practices form the foundation of optimal health

Family participation is an important aspect of quality patient care

Breastmilk is the optimal food for babies

Raising awareness about midwives, normal birth and birth center care is one of our priorities

Education of medical residents and midwifery students results in better healthcare for many who never enter our birth center

Everyone deserves respect regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status, gender, sexual orientation or marital status

All women have the right to quality healthcare and the unique services offered at our center. 


WNC Birth Center offers high quality, safe, personalized midwifery care for women of all ages.

Maternity Care (Click here to enroll)

  1. Comprehensive prenatal care
  2. Basic laboratory services, ultrasounds, physician consultation and referrals as appropriate
  3. Labor/birth/postpartum attended by a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) and RN
  4. Drug-free pain relief such as hydrotherapy, massage & acupressure, continuous labor support, hypnosis
  5. Care and observation of the mother/newborn couplet for 6-12 hours after birth
  6. Breastfeeding advocacy and support
  7. Family contact with the birth center for the first two days after the birth
  8. Home visit by CNM or RN 24-48 hours after the birth
  9. Two and six-week postpartum visits and newborn checks by CNM
  10. Support for new parents; and 24-hour access to a CNM

Women's Health

Preventive and wellness care from adolescence through menopause, including: physicals, pap tests, diagnosis and treatment of common gyn infections and referrals as appropriate; Preconception counseling  and contraceptive/family planning services

Education and Support

  1. Women’s health concerns
  2. Teen health
  3. Nutrition counseling
  4. Pregnancy/childbirth classes
  5. Breastfeeding classes
  6. Newborn care
  7. Parenting
  8. Adjusting to fatherhood
  9. Free lending library of books and videos



  1. Less than 3 minutes from Mission Hospital in Asheville
  2. 6,700 square feet of floor space and 35+ parking spaces
  3. 3 Birth Suites each with large tub and private bath
  4. Family Room with kitchen
  5. Conference/classroom space
  6. Exam rooms
  7. Offices, staff lounge, reception, and laundry facilities
  8. Peaceful setting; private backyard with stream

WNC Birth Center
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