2021 Closing Announcement

Dear Birth Center Families, 

Over the past five years, we have been privileged to assist in the birth of over 1000 babies. In spite of many challenges along the way, the WNC Birth Center and its Board of Directors have worked tirelessly to ensure the midwifery model of care and access to options for birth for families in our region. Previously, we have shared with you the challenges birth centers face navigating a health care system and insurance industry that does not support our model of care. 

We have been heartened by the generous financial support from our families and community donors and the growing numbers of families that have continued to enroll in our care.

Unfortunately, some unforeseen events coupled with already identified challenges have put us in an untenable situation. We have sought counsel from consultants, business associates, and attorneys, we have explored all options, left no stone unturned in our determination to continue providing services.

In the past 24 hours, it emerged that these obstacles could not be overcome and that we had no viable options. After much well-respected counsel, we have reached the painful decision that the birth center must close quickly. 

The birth center facility will close July 20th, 2021. We will continue to provide birth center births up until that date, and will work to transition our patients over the coming weeks. 

We have navigated incredible challenges and could not have made it this far without our dedicated staff, patients, families, and community supporters. However, we are a very small team, and our current obstacles have made it impossible for us to continue in our core mission. 

We are grateful that you entrusted your care to us and allowed us to be part of your lives. We are deeply grateful to our founders, Judy Major, Debbie Aiton, Jan Brunk, Barb Levin, and Maureen Darcey, and to our dedicated staff and board.

What to do next: 

  • Download and complete the record release form.
  • Please email the completed form to info@wncbirthcenter.com and we will fax those records to the provider of your choice. 
  • Accounts and business services will continue in the coming weeks as we work to reconcile accounts. 

It has been an honor to be a part of the WNC community, and to be part of your lives.