Maternity Care at WNC Birth Center

***Please note the changes to our orientation process as we increase our efforts to help slow the transmission of COVID-19***

 Congratulations on your upcoming arrival…how wonderful!

The first step to becoming a prenatal patient at the WNC Birth Center is to visit our website and carefully review all the Frequently Asked Questions to learn about our care and whether you meet the requirements of a “low-risk” pregnancy. Unfortunately, women with a previous cesarean birth or with a chronic medical condition, such as diabetes requiring medication, do not qualify for birth center care. 

After you’ve reviewed the above information, the next step to maternity care with us is to view our orientation video. You can find this on our YouTube channel. There are additional videos that explain next steps and give a virtual tour of the facility. The orientation video is long, but it contains important information about what we do and why we do it. The instructions for how to get started as an OB patient with us are in this video, so it is important to watch it in its entirety.

If you are transferring care from another practice, we require that you submit records from your current pregnancy for midwife review before you are able to schedule your first appointment. It is also our policy that you initiate care with us by 28 weeks of pregnancy so that we have time to review your records, schedule your appointment, and get to know you. **COVID update: we are being flexible with this deadline, so if you are beyond 28 weeks of pregnancy and interested in our care, please reach out anyway!**

*****In this video it is suggested that you wait until 10-12 weeks to establish care. We are working on updating this video, but we no longer suggest that. People are welcome to establish care with us at an earlier gestational age, including confirmation of pregnancy visits!*****

Thank you for your interest in our center! We look forward to working with you soon!


 Click here to view our orientation video